All about Deirdre

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Deirdre at Ballet West's The Nutcracker December
2010—notice she is wearing the same skirt—this
was the third year she has worn it at holiday time.

Deirdre is our multifaceted daughter. She enjoys playing softball, as a first-baseman, second-baseman, or pitcher, and soccer, as a defender and goalie. She also plays the violin in the Manti High School orchestra. Her 1st cousin once removed and her great-grandmother also played the violin. I'm sure if we had a piano she would play that as well.

Deirdre is a Senior Girl Scout. She finished her Silver Award in January 2011; she has started work on earning her Gold Award as well. For the last three years, she has been the top cookie seller in our area. Her goal was to sell 1000 boxes in 2010 and she succeeded. Her target was the same for 2011 and again she succeed.

Deirdre at Ballet West's The Nutcracker
December 2009 in the foyer of
The Capital Theater in Salt Lake City.
D has been attending Ballet West performances since she was 3 3/4 (Sept. 2000) and is a season ticket holder. She has also been to at least a half-dozen concerts by The Moody Blues, and though she doesn't really remember it, the "Old Friends" concert by Simon and Garfunkel on July 4, 2003. She is a season ticket holder to the Utes gymnastics meets as well with her favorite event being floor.

Besides all of these fine-art interests, one is just as likely to find her laughing her head off at some joke on a television sitcom (most likely Gilmore Girls, Friends, or That 70's Show) or playing her Nintendo DS—often at the same time. She is without doubt a child of technology.

She can be quite tenacious when she wants or feels the need to be. This personality quirk has certainly helped her maintain her high grades. Even more importantly, it has helped her maintain the high standards that she sets both for herself and others.