Saturday, May 24, 2008

School is OVER!!!

Deirdre and Kate are finished with school!!!
More people complimented Kate on her final yearbook than ever before. An irony in the making. It was certainly nice to hear no complaints about the book and to go out with a high. Her last book was the centennial and the 50 year edition. North Sanpete High School is 100 years old and 50 years ago Moroni and North Sanpete high schools combined into one school. Kate found the largest fun researching the beginnings of the school and why the school combined.
Deirdre brought home a huge amount of awards. She received the typical "Spelling", "Junior Genius", "Reading", and "Golden Sneaker". This year she also received IOWA Basics 90% in all areas. She should have received 99th percentile in all areas, but hey we can't have everything. She also received the "President's Education Awards Program" award. About 25% of her class received the award that was for academic excellence. The fifth grade teachers nominated members of the class for the award.
Now that school is over, the summer begins. Softball, swimming lessons, house cleaning, Scouts are all part of summer. It sometimes seems that summer is busier than the school year.

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