Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog candy

Through Libby's Little Addictions (see left sidebar), I found this great blog candy. It seems that a student at Mt. Carmel High School in my hometown of Chicago is looking to collect $1500 for St. Baldrick's Foundation "Shaving his way to Conquer Children's Cancer." It seems that this boy has had many family members affected by cancer.

I too have had a few over the years, but luckily the majority of my family dies of old age. If you want to see what Wendy K at Kaput Krafts is offering and more about this family go read Wendy's blog.

I thought this was a pretty neat thing for a teenager to do. Deirdre has donated hair to "Locks of Love" twice and is growing it out yet again. Three of the girls in my troop (including D) have a also donated hair—a worthwhile sacrifice that helps so many children.

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  1. Kate, I saw your comment in response to winning the book, but I need your mailing address too!