Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ballet Russes—
what can I say. Ballet West's performance last week was phenomenal. D was late getting home last Friday, so I wasn't sure what time we would arrive in SLC. Turns out we got there about 6:30. enough time for diner, but not enough time for dinner and going to Warm UPs. We went to the Olive Garden which happens to be right across the street from Capital Theater.

As we made our way down the aisle to our seats, D said "I wonder if we will see Chris Rudd in the audience tonight?" I looked up and there he was walking toward us. I stopped him and commented on how he was out of the boot from his surgery. He demonstrated that he could do jumps and plies. He headed toward the lobby and we headed toward our seats.

What can I say about last Friday's performances? I had never seen "Les Biches" by Nijinska, sister to the famed Nijinski. It was different and clearly showed her disdain for males. It also was a clear precursure to Balanchine's many works. I had seen "Prodigal Son" before with Mikhail Baryshnikovas the Prodigal Son. Chris Sellars did a phenomenal job in place of Chris Rudd. As I told D, the strength it takes to pretend you have no strength is just amazing. Chris Rudd's wife Chistiana Bennett was the Siren in "Prodigal Son". I wish my husband looked the way Chris did when I commented on how wonderful Christiana was as the Siren.

Let me explain. After the performance, we headed for the elevator that takes us to our cars. Chris Rudd just happened to be right behind D and myself. He recognized me from the comments before the performance. I had to comment on how well his wife had done as the Siren. The look on his face as he strove to put his feelings in words was priceless. A look of strong, deep love came over his face and then the look of someone who is deeply loved and did a magical thing also crossed his face. Maybe 20 years ago someone could have caught Jeff with that same look, but certainly not lately. WOW to be loved so deeply and passionately.

Moving on to other things—Deirdre saw "Ballet Russes" by Ballet West on Friday, March 27. She will see The Moody Blues in Reno on Saturday, April 4, and Wicked at the Capital Theater on Wednesday, April 8. Lots of different types of "culture" in less than two weeks. Starting at age 3 3/4, Jeff and I have been dragging her to various cultural events. The first one that I remember was a Moody Blues concert in Las Vegas. She did well there, so I took at age 3 and 3/4 to see La Sylphdia at Ballet West. We haven't looked back since. Rock concerts, baleets, movies, symphonies, and who knwows. I fell asleep while tyring to update.

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