Saturday, September 5, 2009

The traveler

And she's off—

Deirdre has headed to Chicago for the long weekend. The Museum of Science and Industry has a Harry Potter exhibit that she wanted to see, so my parents are taking her. D loves to fly to Chicago; she would live there if she could. Right now her goal in life is to go the University of Chicago and then live in Chicago in a condo. No goal of a job or career, just the school and living situation. Hey at least she thinks about the future.

Filling up a water bottle. I personally find the traveling restrictions to be a nightmare and certainly don't feel safer by having them.

Hey, did you take a picture? Yep, that's me lately grabbing photos at every opportunity.

Say goodbye. I always wait until close to boarding to get her to the gate. Once announced that she is an unaccompanied minor, off she goes onto the plane. A quick shot here.

For those who thought that perhaps we went to the airport, but didn't go anywhere, her she is boarding the plane. Usually there isn't a gap between the plane and the "chute" (whatever that thing is that connects the airport to the plane).

And another getting on the plane with her TCBY yogurt. The gate person carried her bag. So nice of the woman, I'd been making D carry it.

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