Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pictures of THE game

Getting a pep talk from Victor at the half. He told them to go out in the second half as though it was 0-0.

The other Ephraim team made a sign for the girls to run through as they started the second half. They also made one that hung on the fence and cheered for the girls through-out the entire game. Great support from their friends.

My camera wasn't fast enough to catch when Deirdre fell on top of the ball to prevent Fairview from making a goal. Instead I have before she falls and as she gets up. D stopped quite a few goals.

After the game the team poses with their soccer shirts. They also had real soccer shirts that Victor loaned them for the season. The goalie shirt D is wearing in the other pictures is a real goalie shirt with padding. The noise the girls made when the game was over was so loud. I forget sometimes how loud girls can get when they are excited.

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  1. Jeff here. All goalies have their strengths. Deirdre's is neither blocking nor jumping. She does just fine if the ball is kicked right at her, which happens more often than you might think. He real strength is leaving the safety of the box and picking up balls in the field, usually with a bunch of kids charging right at her. This is more about character than skill, I think, but it sure gets the job done!