Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures of The Nutty Nutcracker

I asked Mark Goldweber for permission to put a couple of pictures from The Nutty Nutcracker on my blog. I took two because they represent probably my favorite parts.

Jason Linsley as Dr. "Disco" Drosselmeyer and his Disco Nephew (I don't have my cast list with me for his name) in Act I. Jason was screamingly funny (see here)

This scene was one of D's and mine favorite. Christopher Ruud and Christinia Bennett as the Sugar Plum Fairy and her cavalier are in the background. Rex Tilton as the Mouse King and Alexander MacFarlan as an unconscious Nutcracker in the foreground, while the ladies-in-waiting with their Groucho Marx masks look on.

All of the pictures were taken by Mark Goldweber. The costumes and scenary are property of Ballet West. These pictures originated at "West Point" Ballet West's blog.

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