Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wow! It's been a while

Well, here's an update or part of of an update—

We finally finished the remodel of the house. Well we aren't 100% finished, border and quarter round needed in the master bedroom, quarter round in part of the living room, and the walls of the media room are plain white still. But, and this is important, there is no more drywall dust and we have closets again—no more living out of totes.

In this process we whittled clothes down—I donated 33 garbage bags (the 8 gallon ones) of clothes to DI (Deseret Industries, like the Salvation Army, but through the LDS church).

The whole family has lost weight—combined is over 100 pounds!

Deirdre graduated from eighth grade and is now a freshman at Manti High School. She has a heavy load with English 9 Honors, Geometry Honors, Orchestra, Biology, Architectural Drafting (which is a concurrent enrollment class as a junior she can get college credit for the class), World Geography, and Spanish 1. However, even with this load she rarely has homework and still has a 4.0.

I have taken the year off from the U. I will return for the summer term and then at least one more semester after that. This has been a good thing as the high school is starting the accreditation process again and I have been assigned to help our provisional teachers (those who are in their first three years of teaching) get their portfolios in place so that they may earn their Level 2 license.

Jeff has been busy teaching and writing php code for people all over the world.

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