Monday, February 28, 2011

Girl Scouts and other happenings

I took this picture of D before we left
for Chicago so my parents could see
all of her charms and IPP's.
Deirdre's Silver Award is 100% finished. She spent 31 hours planning the workshop; 9 hours running the workshop; and over 2 hours filling out paperwork. It was all mailed off on January 31. She will receive her award April 16 at an award ceremony in Salt Lake City.

I took this one, so her grandparents
could see all the patches she has
earned the last 2 1/2 years.

She sold 1026 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year; this is the exact same amount as last year. It might be her last year selling so many boxes. If she makes the softball team, tryouts are today and tomorrow, it will be hard to deliver all her cookies orders. We may decide that it is too much trouble.

Deirdre has finished all of Program Aide requirements for the Senior level: be in grade 9, earn the PA Cadette pin and patch, 5 hours of advanced training, 5 hours of specialized training, 20 hours of Girl Scout service, and 5 hours of mentoring a Cadette PA. They certainly don't make it easy to earn, but it is extremely worth it.

The leadership experience that Deirdre has had has really given her confidence. She works so well with the younger girls.

I am currently serving as both the Service Unit Registrar and Events Director. It really isn't too bad and much better than being the Service Unit Director.

Jeff was asked to be part of the Senate at Snow College. He is also serving as the liaison between the Senate and Curriculum committee, and in charge of the General Education committee for accreditation next year. So for the last two months, he has had quite a few meetings that have cut into the time he normally would be grading papers. He flies to Chicago for a conference on accreditation later this week. They leave early Thursday and return late Saturday and he will be busy all day.

My mother and Deidre standing in front of Sue at the Field Museum.
Deirdre and I just spent Presidents' Day weekend in Chicago. My Auntie Barbie passed away on Valentine's Day and the funeral was February 19. We flew in on Friday and left on Monday. This way we were able to spend Sunday at The Field Museum with my parents. The last time we were there, both the museum and Chicago, was Christmas 2006. We watched a movie on how the paleontologists found Sue—one of the largest and the most complete (85%) T. rex ever found—the museum combined the actual finding with 3-d cartoon of how she might have lived millions of years ago. It was entertaining and educational.

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