Sunday, January 4, 2009

The new "sitting" room is drywalled.

This is the from the new room into our living room. This end of the room used to be D's room.
This will be the door to the bathroom. Right now, since the sink is still on the other side of the wall and to give D some privacy, the bathroom side drywall is still in place. This picture and the one below used to be our sitting room, where the TV was.
Behind the cabinet is the other window. This is the south/west area. All the leftover drywall is stacked here. The cabinet used to be our linen cabinet. It is solid birch and extremely heavy. We haven't figured out where to put it yet.

We spent three days hanging 20 sheets of drywall. I'm exhausted and now have to go back to work tomorrow. It's pretty amazing how fast the drywall is up though. We haven't even ordered flooring yet. Plus, there's the taping and mud to do. The new sitting room is a ways off still. Probably because I didn't grow up with a television in my house until I was 13, I just have a problem with having a "TV room". I enjoy just being able to go and sit and read in a room that has a door. So even though a lot of television viewing will be done in this room, it will still be called a sitting room.


  1. Lookin' good! So where is your stamp room going to go??? :)

  2. It's in the basement under our dining room.