Saturday, August 1, 2009

Deep breath

Well, I did it. I created my own Stampin' Up! website. I've taken the plunge. I want to get into it more somehow. I can't really do classes or clubs, because I don't have any spare time once school starts. But in searching the web, I've found many people who only hold classes for six people. It would be tight, but I think I can do that in my scrap/craft room. If I open my desk it will hold six people. So we'll see as the year progresses how or if I add this or not to my (our) life. I may even start a separate blog for scrap/crafts from the home blog. Again an idea just floating right now. One of the bloggers I follow has a class kit by mail, so all there is preparation not people in the house. That's a thought too. But for now there will be a "click here to place an order" on all most of my posts.

Click here to place an order

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  1. hi sweetie. way to go on setting up your own stampin' website. i think you would make a great instructor! a class of 6 would be personal and more do-able for a busy mom like you. let us know what you decide.